Wound Care Specialists

More than 40% of ICS members are at risk of skin breakdown, that is, of developing a pressure ulcer or wound. Yet, in recent years, of ICS’s more than 5,000 members receiving long-term care services in the community, fewer than 5% developed a new pressure ulcer.

What’s the secret to our success? ICS’s Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Wound Management Program, which is unique among long-term care programs.

Our nurses assess every member when they join ICS—and every 180 days thereafter—for their risk of developing a pressure ulcer. Care managers keep in regular contact with our members, relatives and home care aides to carry out skin integrity interventions. And in the event that a wound does develop, our Wound Care Team will coordinate their care with physicians and allied health professionals, ensuring members receive evaluation and treatment.

Tips for Staying Healthy and Wound-Free

Our experts have gathered simple tips that you can follow to help avoid a pressure ulcer:

  • Inspect your skin at least once a day
  • Avoid friction; use moisturizers
  • Pay attention to nutrition and hydration
  • Relieve pressure-
    • In bed, change position every 2 hours
    • In chair, change position every 15 minutes
  • If needed, get pressure-relieving device for your bed or chair
  • Avoid lying directly on hip bone when lying on your side
  • When lying on back, elevate heels off the mattress–put pillow under legs from mid-calf to ankle, never behind the knees.

Pressure ulcers pose a serious health threat, causing pain, infection, and amputations. At ICS we are committed to keeping our members healthy and wound-free, and with our specialized Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Wound Management Program, you’ll get the care you need, when you need it.

For more information about our program or other services, download our tip sheet or please call 1.877.ICS.2525.


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