Our Specialized Services

As a member of the Independence Care System community, you have access to our specialized services, areas in which we have developed distinct knowledge and skill in supporting you to live independently, including:

Medicaid eligibility and support services

Our Medicaid Eligibility Specialists and Surplus Coordinators can help you apply for Medicaid and set up a pooled trust account to preserve your income and assets. Learn more about our Medicaid services in the video below or read more here.

Person-centered care coordination

Person-centered care coordination is at the heart of our work, aimed at ensuring that your needs are comprehensively assessed, that you participate in developing your care plan, and that you are followed from home to hospital or nursing facility back home again, to ensure the speediest return.

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services

Our well-established Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services (CDPAS) make ICS the only NYC agency with a decade of experience offering both consumer directed personal assistance (you select your own caregivers, who have broader latitude to help than agency caregivers) as well as agency-provided home care. Read more

A respected Disability Care Coordination Model

ICS’s nationally recognized Disability Care Coordination Model helps us focus on the needs of adults 18 and over with chronic conditions or physical disabilities seeking to live active, independent lives. Read more

Senior adult support and dementia-focused services

Our specialized Care Management Teams work with senior adults and their family caregivers to coordinate all of the home care, health care and social services you need to live as independently as possible. Our Dementia Care Management Team has extensive experience working with members and their caregivers. Read more about our services for senior adults and our dementia focused services

Specialized care management for people with spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis

Our Care Management Teams that provide specialized care management services for people with spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis led the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to designate ICS a “Center for the Promotion of Excellence.” Read more about our specialized services for people with spinal cord injury and people with multiple sclerosis

A community-based wheelchair program

Unmatched in NYC, our community-based wheelchair program features therapists, technicians, evaluation rooms, power ceiling lifts, dedicated repair shops, wheelchair “car washes,” and weekly wheelchair maintenance workshops at our two member centers (in Brooklyn and the Bronx). Read more

Specialists in pressure ulcer prevention and intervention

At ICS we have specialists in pressure ulcer prevention and intervention who assess all ICS members and participants to identify those at risk and coordinate their care—a crucial service since pressure ulcers represent a significant health care threat to adults with restricted mobility. Read more

A health program for women with physical disabilities

The women’s health access program for women with physical disabilities works in partnership with private foundations, health care providers, and policy makers to ensure increased access to health facilities for women with disabilities. The success of our breast cancer screening project led the NYC Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® to select ICS as its 2010 grantee of the year and Hunter College to award the Project the 2013 Joan H. Tisch Community Health Prize. Read more

An advocacy department

ICS’s advocacy department stands up for your rights with the agencies and providers involved in your care.

Social activities to combat isolation

ICS is proud to offer a comprehensive schedule of social, educational and artistic activities to help our members combat isolation. The program has proven to be a first step for many members of the ICS Community toward becoming socially involved in activities beyond ICS. Read more

ICS members receive these specialized services, in addition to the services guaranteed by the specific plan in which they are enrolled:

  • To learn about the services guaranteed to members of ICS Community Care MLTC, our Medicaid managed long-term care plan, click here.

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