Our Care System

With ICS, you will have a Care System that is:

Responsive: What’s important to you and your family is important to us.

We work with you—or with you and your family—to assess your needs for home care, health care and social services and to develop your personalized Care Plan. We ensure that the Plan reflects what you see as your needs as well as the services that are most crucial to your health, safety and well-being.

Coordinated: We work with you to get the health care and social services you need.

You have a Care Manager and a Case Management Team to coordinate all of the home care, personal assistance, housekeeping, health care and social services you need, working with your primary care doctor, physician specialists, home care agency and a wide array of community-based providers.  Read more…

Expert: A highly skilled, dedicated, diverse staff, advocating for you and with you to be as independent as you can be.

Your Case Management Team is backed up by the resources of ICS’s full staff, including social workers, registered nurses, multiple sclerosis-certified and wound-certified nurses, Medicaid and Medicare eligibility specialists, rehabilitation therapists, wheelchair repair technicians, transportation managers and organizers of artistic, educational and social programs especially for members of the ICS community.

Empowering: Giving you the knowledge and skills you need to make informed decisions.

You are at the center of all of the decision-making about your care; you have the final say.

Respectful: A culture of listening and understanding, where you feel you belong.

ICS at its core is a community, made up of our members, their families and caregivers, providers and our staff. In coordinating the services our members need, we are committed to nurturing that sense of community, to ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and that their voices are heard.

Flexible: When your life changes, so do our services.

The services you need when you join ICS may not be the same services you need six weeks, six months or six years later. Maybe you fell, were hospitalized, landed in a nursing home and were terrified that you would never get out. At times like that, ICS is there, making the changes you need, shepherding you through the transitions you face, getting you back home.


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