A Diverse and Vibrant Community

Our members are part of a diverse and vibrant community of individuals who come from all walks of life. They are artists and athletes, musicians and craftspeople; retirees who made a difference, in nursing and teaching, business and health care; devoted spouses, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.  We’re happy to introduce you to some of these extraordinary people, below. If you would like to learn more about joining ICS, click here.

Pamela Rodriguez, granddaughter of ICS member Ramonita Cordero

“My grandmother raised me after my mother died, when I was just 5 years old. When she got Alzheimer’s, I told her there was no way I would let her go into a nursing home. ICS helps me to keep my promise.”

Franklin DePaula, ICS Transportation Coordinator and ICS member

“My wheelchair is very important. If it isn’t working properly, I can’t go anywhere. Can you imagine twenty-four hours at home every day? You can’t move. It’s my feet; it’s my legs. If I don’t have it, I’m in prison.”

Tamara Kolesnikova
Tamara Kolesnikova, ICS member since 2012

“ICS makes people with disabilities so comfortable. They show respect, they’re friendly, and they’re professional. I recommend to people who feel alone that they join ICS and I assure them that they’ll find friends and have their needs met. This is the first time I’ve seen a company that really cares for people.”

Catina Crews Rollins, ICS member since 2004

“When people say to me, ‘I don’t have an aide or I can’t get the equipment or medication I need,’ I tell them: There’s a place you can go. At ICS, they’ll help you get the things you need, but they’ll also help you to be more independent.”

ICS member Carmen Mendez (R), with sister, Luz, also an ICS member

“ICS is the perfect place for us. It represents humanity and being treated with respect.”

Shakir Riddick
Shakir Riddick, ICS member since 2012

“I heard about ICS through friends. I didn’t know that much about it, except that they fixed wheelchairs pretty quickly. ICS is great. Now I go to the writing class on Tuesdays, and social events such as the baseball and bowling. I enjoy meeting different people with various disabilities—I love to socialize and interact with people. ICS is a great community.”

Michaeline Branker, ICS member since 2000 and knitting teacher at ICS Brooklyn

“Joining ICS was the best thing I could have done. If there were no ICS, my life would change because it’s as if I live here! The people at ICS are like family.”

ICS member Mercedes Olivo (L), with daughter Rosamaria Ocasio, also an ICS member

“I joined ICS after I had a stroke. I lost control of my legs. ICS got me a wheelchair, my home attendant, physical therapy; it gets me transportation to the hospital. ICS is very good…it has helped me a lot.”

Marcus Johnson, ICS Care Coordinator and ICS member
Marcus Johnson, ICS Member Advocate and ICS member

“A lot of the guys with a SCI want to know, can I have a relationship—read, sex? I tell them you can. It’s going to be different, but everybody has sexual relationships differently.”

Sasha Quinones, ICS member since 2011
Sasha Quinones, ICS member since 2011

“When I stopped working because of my MS, I didn’t have health insurance anymore. I was in a wheelchair; I needed to get in contact with doctors; I needed an aide. Once I came for my first ICS visit and the glass doors opened, I felt at peace. ICS took my hand and directed me. The stress is gone. I’m very, very grateful.”


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