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ICS provides a number of Medicaid-related services. Our Medicaid eligibility specialists are available to answer questions, assess your financial situation, and advise you whether you are potentially eligible for Medicaid. They can also help you complete your application and gather documents that Medicaid requires.

If you need Medicaid and your income is above the Medicaid limit, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ineligible. Residents of New York State who have a disability and wish to obtain Medicaid are eligible to join a pooled trust program. Through the pooled trust, you keep your excess monthly income in a special account and can use it to pay for a variety of expenses such as rent, utility bills, food and other items. Learn more through the fact sheet and video on this page. Then call 1.877.ICS.2525 or TTY: 1.855.ICS.4TTY.

ICS Pooled Trust Flyer

Also available in Spanish and Russian.


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