ICS member Veta Walters turned 110 years old. While physically frail, Veta emanates warmth and a great spirit. Read more!At 110 years, ICS member Veta Walters has lived a lot. While physically frail, Veta emanates warmth and still has the spirit to tease her doctor, who visits her regularly at home.

“As a girl I used to sweep the yard, wash clothes, go to shop, cook, and go to church. We were members of Bethany Church,” Veta told us during a recent visit with the help of her home care aide Marva, who acted as a kind of interpreter. Having lost much of her hearing, Veta found it easiest to understand us as we spoke through Marva, who she spends much of her time with – and since Marva is also Jamaican, she sounds like home.

Veta grew up in the Grove Place district of Manchester, Jamaica, where she lived with her parents and then later raised her own five daughters and five sons. The family farmed, growing food crops including corn, yam, coffee, banana, sweet potato and peas.

Veta, who told us that she loves New York City, first came to Brooklyn after one of her daughters moved here and began sending for the rest of the family. For many years she traveled home to Jamaica frequently.

Asked why she believes she has lived so long, Veta told us, “Because people have always taken good care of me. My mother, whose name was Rosa, really took good care of me. And now she takes good care of me,” Veta added, pointing at her ICS social worker.

It was evident that Veta’s daughters and her aide Marva are also taking very good care of her. Veta enjoys the same foods she grew up with, especially cornmeal porridge and a Jamaican soup made with carrot, pumpkin, Irish potato and chicken.

When we asked Marva whether Veta is eating enough and has everything she needs, Marva said, “You know I’d be on the phone to you if she didn’t” in a way that you could tell she meant business.

Despite her age, Veta takes no medication. During a recent checkup her doctor told her that he wished his blood pressure was as good as hers is.

“Good. When do you think I’ll be able to go back to work?” Veta cracked.

“Ms. Walters,” the doctor said, “you can’t farm because you can’t walk.”

“So why are you coming here, if you can’t make me walk?” she demanded to know. “If you can’t get me walking, you don’t really need to keep making these house calls!”

For her 110th birthday last December 14 there was cake and a visit from some of Veta’s many grandchildren. “Oh, I enjoyed that,” she told us, her face lighting up. “They brought a lot of good food.”

As we said goodbye, we asked Veta, who honestly, just glows, “You are so pretty. What makes you so beautiful?”

After thinking for a moment, Veta replied, “God.”