The Independent Has Gone Digital!

community newsletter of ICS is now available on-lineWe’re pleased to announce that the community newsletter of ICS is now available on-line and in email format.

Beginning this month, The Independent is moving online. It will now have a permanent home right here on the ICS website.

New Formats

The community newsletter of ICS will also be arriving in the email inboxes of members and others on our growing subscription list. Subscribers will be able to read staff and member profiles, updates on the Member Council, news about ICS programs, and articles about health and prevention, social events, and other items of interest to our members.

All of the content available in the print edition will now be available exclusively in digital format.

Moving The Independent online is not only cost saving, it will also allow us to publish a steady flow of information as it becomes available.

Having The Independent online also means we will be able to share news in a variety of email formats, including text, photo, video and audio.

The email edition will begin as a monthly. Depending on the amount of material that appears on the online Independent, that frequency may change.

Subscribe to the Independent!

To receive the Independent, you need to be on our email list.

  • If you’re an ICS member who has given your email address to your care manager, you are already on the list.
  • If you have not yet given ICS your email address, or if you’re not sure whether you have, just click on the newsletter signup link on the left side of The Independent Online page.
  • If you’re the caregiver of an ICS member who does not have a computer or regular access to email, we highly recommend you sign up for The Independent digital edition to make sure you and your loved one stay informed of important ICS news.
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