Spinal Cord Injury Specialists

Adjusting to life after a spinal cord injury (SCI) is not always easy. Emotional and physical barriers can be difficult to overcome, and it can be challenging for a caregiver—often a parent, spouse or other close family member—to understand the personal and physical support they need to provide. While love and dedication go a long way, sometimes the help of an expert is needed. That’s where Independence Care System’s team of spinal cord injury specialists can help.

The SCI Team:

  • Consists of social workers and nurses that specialize in working with people with spinal cord injuries.
  • Works with you to develop a member-centered care plan, tailored to meet your individual needs.
  • Provides education on wound care prevention, preventing and treating urinary tract infections, new equipment and more.
  • Collaborates with community partners in hospitals and health care facilities to coordinate community-oriented programs, physician visits, and support services.
  • Empowers members and their caregivers to join chapters and peer support groups to connect with others in a supportive environment.

Our spinal cord injury specialists can provide you and your caregivers with the support and resources you need to live an independent life, at home, and in your community. For more information about the Spinal Cord Injury Care Management Team, please call 1.877.ICS.2525 and speak to a member services coordinator.


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