Dementia Care Specialists

ICS dementia program care managers are trained and certified by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. The program is led by Nettie Harper, an expert in the non-pharmacological care and management of people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, and a professional with two decades of experience in this field.

Whenever possible, the ICS dementia program manages members with non-pharmacological interventions, to help members avoid medication side effects that can increase the member’s risk of falls or even exacerbate cognitive loss. We do this by focusing on each individual, getting to know what their unmet needs are, and capitalizing on their strengths.

The dementia team’s approach begins with a home visit to observe and assess the member’s needs and status, environment and supports. Using this information, an individualized, written plan is created to guide the member’s aide(s) and involved family caregivers in establishing a consistent daily routine with the member. This provides a reassuring and productive rhythm to the member’s days and creates opportunities for stimulation, engagement, soothing, and connection.

The plan establishes an order of the day with specific instructions for managing the basics including meals, personal care, and sleep, woven in with optimal activities for the individual, based on their abilities and interests. This might include, for example:

  • physical exercise, such as walking, dancing or range-of-motion movement
  • sensory stimulation, such as massage or music
  • cognitive programming, such as reading out loud or playing games
  • activities designed to support self-esteem, such as folding towels, or helping make a salad

Social Programs

Meet Our Members

The ICS dementia team offers training to the home care aides and family caregivers in the member’s home throughout the disease process. This includes demonstrating and explaining techniques for working with the member that can reduce behaviors such as resistance to care, combativeness, or apathy.  Our approach allows us to identify the underlying root causes for distressing or difficult behaviors, and to support these members, their home care aides, and their family caregivers in having more peaceful, meaningful days. This stands in marked contrast to what people with dementia often experience living in nursing homes.

ICS connects family caregivers to resources that can help them with their own health and well-being. We also offer a respite program for family members who serve as the primary caregivers of a dementia team member. The goal of the respite program is to safeguard the ability of dementia team members to stay within the community by providing periodic relief to their primary caregivers. Respite services can be accessed for up to 14 days in a calendar year and can be provided in their home, by offering additional home care hours, or in a skilled nursing facility.

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