Honoring Patient Autonomy

Making space for a patient’s desires when they conflict with expert opinion

Jean Minkel, ICS Senior Vice President for Rehabilitation Services, is an internationally recognized expert on seating and mobility issues. A physical therapist and master clinician, Jean says she chose to work at ICS because “I found an organization that did not require me to ‘justify’ what people need. ICS values what I offer our members and welcomed me to be part of a revolution—supporting people to live independently in the community!”

Two weeks ago Rehab Management magazine published this moving and insightful essay by Jean, where she writes about the challenges clinicians often face in honoring the wishes of the people they serve, and the importance and rewards of doing so. Jean’s essay is based on a presentation and discussion she conducted at the 32nd Annual International Seating Symposium in Vancouver in March. You can read Jean’s article here.

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  1. Nancy Holland
    Nancy Holland says:

    Great article Jean. I found your perspective valuable, and I expect other rehab professionals would as well.

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