Community-Based Wheelchair Program

Independence Care System recognizes that wheeled mobility is perhaps the most critical need people with physical disabilities have.  It means the difference between isolation and independence.

That’s why ICS created a community-based wheelchair evaluation, purchase and repair program, which remains unmatched in New York City. With a staff of rehabilitation and occupational therapists, trained wheelchair technicians, and two program locations—in Brooklyn and the Bronx—our comprehensive wheelchair program offers: 

  • Expert wheelchair evaluation. Professional fittings are done by a physical or occupational therapist, along with a certified rehabilitation technology supplier; members are listened to carefully about how they live, their level of activity, and what they need to maintain their lifestyle.
  • A wheelchair evaluation room with a versatile power ceiling lift. Provides maximum safety and support to members transferring in and out of their wheelchairs for fittings and repairs.
  • Home assessment. Ensures that the appropriate chair will fit through the doors, hallways and elevators of the member’s home; therapists offer ways to increase accessibility (e.g., portable metal outdoor ramps), covered by ICS.
  • Wheelchair maintenance workshops. Members have access to a technician to perform preventive maintenance and light repairs in both our Bronx and Brooklyn “Jiffy Lube” shops. To help our members to maintain their wheelchairs and scooters, the workshops take place every week—by appointment or by “rolling in.”
  • On-the-road service. A wheelchair repair technician typically visits members at home to repair a chair. When necessary, if additional parts are needed, the chairs are repaired at a shop. When in-shop repairs are being done, members have access to their own back-up chair or, if available, a loaner chair.
  • An oversized shower room. Mud, rain, snow—nowhere to go? You can bring your wheelchair into either our Brooklyn or our Bronx office and give it a shower!

Jean Minkel, senior vice president, Rehabilitation Services, delivered a webinar for the National Spinal Cord Injury Association in April 2014 that focused on the different mobility devices that are available. Listen to the webinar, “Transitioning from Canes to Walkers to Wheelchairs.”

Independence, your way.


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