Why ICS Community Care is the Plan for You: A Checklist

If you’re a senior adult, a person with a disability or chronic condition, or the loved one of a senior adult or a person with a disability, and you’re faced with the challenge of choosing the best Medicaid managed long-term care plan for yourself  or your loved one, you may be confused about how to make that very important decision.

We understand.  Below you’ll find some questions that might help.

Do you need:

  • a program that will cover the cost of your home care
  • home care that is flexible and dependable
  • your aide to go with you to work or school
  • to keep your personal care assistant
  • to stay with Concepts of Independence
  • someone to help coordinate all of your care
  • to stay with your doctor
  • specialized senior adult services
  • expertise in working with people with physical disabilities
  • specialists in the management of multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury
  • help with your medications to prevent dangerous mix-ups
  • assistance to help you prevent a fall
  • wound prevention or intervention
  • a wheelchair evaluation
  • repair for your scooter or power chair
  • access to women’s health care services
  • a social life, classes, activities, fun

If you need any of these items, Independence Care System may be the plan for you.  Let us tell you how we can help.   

Learn more about the ICS Care System  or start the application process .

Independence, your way.

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