ICS Member Profile: Flo Fox

¨Don't dream about the things you want to do, just do them. Be your creative self,¨ says Flo Fox... 

People with MS and Spinal Cord Injuries Mentor Peers

A new ICS Mentoring Program is training people with spinal…
Caring for someone with Alzheimer's?

Caring for someone with Alzheimer's? Support is just a phone call away!

In reviewing our blog recently, I was struck by how much we’ve…

MS Team Nurse Yulissa Familia Reaches Out

The ICS MS Team is overseen and staffed by experts who provide the best care and support to family members and friends. Care and support that can be vital to someone living with MS.

Jason DaSilva: Paving the Way for People with Disabilities through Film and Technology

Jason was an up-and-coming documentary filmmaker at the time he was diagnosed with MS. Shortly afterwards, with his family’s encouragement, he decided to document his challenges through film.