Participant Advisory Council

Participant Advisory Council

At ICS our members are a varied group of individuals. They come from different places and have come to needing support to live in the community in many different ways. One thing they all have in common—an opinion about how ICS should do things.

As a membership organization, we want to know how we are doing. We welcome feedback from our members. And that’s why the Participant Advisory Council was born.

The Participant Advisory Council is a group of interested members who meet at least four times per year and help provide senior management and the board with input, feedback and information about how ICS is doing. In exchange, senior management provides updates on what is happening in the managed long-term care community, in Medicaid and Medicare, and in the world of health policy. We put our heads together to solve problems within the organization and in the community affecting the lives of our members.

For more information, contact ICS Coordinator of Social Programs Latricia James at 718-907-1622 or


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