ICS Art Show 2017: A Fairy Tale Affair

ICS members led us through an evening of enchantments depicted in painting, poetry, live music, and a feast.Since the beginning of history, art has been our best ally in communicating our worldview. Even in pre-language eras, art was a way of expressing ideas, emotions, beliefs and desires – the human experience throughout all stages of civilization in every region of the world.

Last Friday’s annual Art Show at the ICS Brooklyn Member Center was an evening of enchantments depicted in painting, poetry, live music, and a feast based on the theme A Fairy Tale Affair. The exhibition included dozens of works from creative artists in different disciplines who had been working with a fairy tale theme for several months.

The unveiling of a magical evening

Even though we knew that the show would start at 4 pm, many guests, including ICS members, their friends and families, arrived early. Decorations were in place, tables were set, the paintings had been hung and covered; all we had to do was wait.

The veil was dropped at 3:30, revealing a world of unicorns, fairies, wonderful landscapes and beautiful portraits. Spectators began making their way through the artistic universes.

As ICS Art Instructor Nicole Mourelatos said, “Through art, we let go of what ails us as we get to know better who we are, while being taken by means of expression to a land of creation where our imagination runs free.”

ICS Member Programming Manager Latricia James pointed out that there is a lot of planning involved in creating such a show, in which so many disciplines and means of expression come together. The planning started last year after Thanksgiving and members begun working on their pieces more than three months ago, after having voted to adopt the fairy tale theme.

ICS art and craft teachers are an important part of our community. Painting and drawing instructor Richard Toler is celebrating his fifth year at ICS. He notes that while art class participants explore new means and techniques of creation, “each comes with his or her individual skills, and whether they are painting, making jewelry, knitting, crocheting, writing poetry or practicing any sort of craft, they all come together here, in one place, where they grow as artists and as a community.”

This idea of community was echoed by many people during the show. While Richard praised the fact that our art programs allow relationships and friendships to develop between people with the same or different abilities, Latricia said, “it is through that sense of belonging and being included that they know their creative sparks matter, and should be celebrated!”

Independence Arts stands as a safe place where working together enhances our members’ inspiration, bringing forth their artistic potential while combining their different styles and the treasure that it is to be inspired by each other.

Nicole summed it up beautifully. “Different ages, different abilities and true peace and happiness are found when we are all together, creating and exercising our artistic muscles at Independence Arts,” she said.

ICS classes and social programs are open to all ICS members and to any adult with a physical disability. If you are interested in attending and are not a member, please email Latricia at Latricia.James@icsny.org. You can learn more about Independence Arts here.



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