A Welcome to Providers

Our providers represent a carefully selected group of physicians, therapists, agencies and companies that are as committed to providing services to our plan participants as we are. Our providers agree to provide care that supports the values of our Care System. They consistently pay attention to the details that enable our participants to use their services and facilities with comfort and ease. We are very grateful to work with such dedicated providers.

For current providers:

You will find all of the information you need to do business with us right here. You can also contact our Provider Relations Department at providerrelations@icsny.org.

Billing Information for Providers

The billing process is different for each of our two plans, ICS Community Care Plus FIDA-MMP and ICS Community Care MLTC. To ensure efficient payment, please reference the service authorization to confirm that you are billing the correct plan and sending claims to the correct location. ICS strongly encourages providers to submit all claims electronically, which allows for the quickest, most efficient processing and payment. Whether submitting claims electronically or on paper, please make sure to include the correct payer ID for the plan you are billing. This will ensure that your claims are routed directly to our claims processor.

Billing information for ICS Community Care Plus FIDA-MMP is here.

Billing information for ICS Community Care MLTC is here.

ICS Community Care Plus FIDA-MMP

  • For other information related a participant of our new Community Care Plus FIDA-MMP—e.g., regarding the participant’s Person-Centered Service Plan, or for changes to our Drug List, designated forms, etc., click here

ICS Community Care MLTC

  • For information regarding recent correspondence, the status of submitted claims, appeals, compliance policies, or to track an invoice related to a member of  our traditional Medicaid managed long-term care plan, click here

For providers working with people enrolled in either plan:

Learn about Provider Training Opportunities

To join our network:

If you are interested in learning more about our plans—ICS Community Care MLTC and ICS Community Care Plus FIDA-MMP (Fully Integrated Duals Advantage Medicare-Medicaid Plan)—or how to join our network, please contact our Provider Relations Department at providerrelations@icsny.org. Our Provider Relations staff will get back to you within 24 hours. The colleagues in our network share our longstanding commitment to meeting our participants’ needs in the communities we serve; we are always happy to add providers to our thriving network.

You can also learn more by reading the below FIDA brochure from the New York State Department of Health.



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