Here at ICS we work very hard to make the process of joining ICS Community Care Plus FIDA-MMP as easy as possible.

ICS Community Care Plus FIDA-MMP - How to Join

After reviewing the eligibility requirements and reading about ICS Community Care Plus FIDA-MMP, you may want more information or you may be ready to enroll. We also welcome referrals from family caregivers. ICS is here to help.

The steps in joining ICS  involve our meeting you and your meeting us and, if you think ICS meets your needs, having a medical assessment to ensure your eligibility. We want to be sure that you understand the benefits and requirements of becoming a participant in ICS Community Care Plus FIDA-MMP, and that we understand what services you need to live a fulfilling, independent life. With your Care Manager and your Interdisciplinary Team, you will help us to create your Person-Centered Service Plan, customized to respond to your specific needs.

Please note, some existing ICS members are also eligible to be automatically enrolled into the new plan. Beginning in April of 2015, New York State will begin to automatically enroll dually eligible ICS members in ICS Community Care Plus FIDA-MMP. For more information about automatic enrollment, visit our Understanding Automatic Enrollment page.


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