Why Independence?

It's almost Independence Day and as Independence Care System continues to change and grow, we never lose sight of our core mission – helping people to remain as independent as possible, at home, in their communities!

To Educate and Empower

The National Association of Social Workers Disabilities Task Force was launched to educate and empower social workers with and without disabilities, so they are better equipped to advocate for people with disabilities.

After Olmstead

June 22 marks the 16th anniversary of what has come to be known as “Olmstead v. L.C.,” the “Olmstead Decision,” or simply Olmstead. For the disability rights community, the term is a familiar one.
doctor and patient

Quality over Quantity

Looking at how the recently passed Doc Fix Bill, changes the way doctor payments are structured and care is provided.

80 Years of Fighting for Disability Rights

Eighty years ago this week, a small group staged a sit-in at the Works Progress Administration in New York City. Unbeknownst to them, a powerful movement was born that day.

From Injury to Intimacy

Accurate sexuality information for people with disabilities and those without is the best way to break through this misinformation and make the topic less taboo and the two-day seminar at Mt. Sinai Hospital did just that.

Are you Stroke Smart?

Talking about strokes is daunting, but learning the warning signs and understanding how to respond if someone is exhibiting symptoms can help protect yourself and your family.

Achieving Health Equity

Last month Marilyn Saviola, ICS Senior Vice President for Advocacy and the Women’s Health Access Program, sat on a panel at the International Symposium on Achieving Health Equity Through Community Partnerships.

ICS Nurses are the Best!

Juan, an ICS nurse since 2012, does seem to have found a form of heaven with his career. “My favorite part of the job is sitting with a member and getting to know them,” he says. “I love my clients!” And they love him.

Welcome to ICS!

Earlier this month, ICS held its second annual Art Open Houses, designed to give New Yorkers with disabilities a glimpse of the fun that can be had by participating in our social programs.

Take Charge of your Care

As the cost of long-term palliative care became prohibitively expensive, a more person-centered model of care was born, challenging the notion of being better off away from ones home and community.

To Protect and Serve

The lack of competency police officers have when interacting with people who have disabilities can carry a heavy cost.

Prevention before Cure

Walking and falling are two areas where a lot of attention is currently focused on older Americans. Both are areas where no exaggeration is needed to raise an alarm.

A Radiant Smile at 110

At 110 years, ICS member Veta Walters has lived a lot. While physically frail, Veta emanates warmth and still has the spirit to tease her doctor.

I Can Rock the Cradle Too

A recent spate of cases have surfaced around the country where children have been removed from the care of parents with disabilities. It's vital to remember: The right to be a parent does not automatically end because a parent has a disability.

Politics and Disability: Motivated Voters Win

While his proposal to slash $300 million from the University of Wisconsin system has garnered more attention, another of Governor Scott Walker's proposed cuts is causing controversy among a small but impassioned group of Wisconsin voters: the disability community.

Why Social Work Rocks!

As we celebrate National Social Work Month—along with the 60th anniversary of the National Social Workers Association—we pause to not only recognize the valuable work of our own social workers, but also to look back at the profession’s history.

Disability Film Fest

A full preview of the 2015 ReelAbilities Film Festival. This year it's in New York City with new films, shorts, musical performances, and special guests!

Insights into America’s Seniors with Disabilities

In a report done by Wan He and Luke J. Larsen, fascinating insights are provided about the correlation of the aging and disability, suggesting ways to channel resources to prevent or mitigate disabilities for many older Americans.

Access is Everything

Last week, the White House blog touched on a subject that is close to the heart of ICS: Advancing Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities.

Death over Dinner

Let’s have dinner and talk about…death? Even the invitation said this was one of the strangest events a person might ever attend. Despite the weird invite, on January 6th twenty professionals from three organizations gathered together as part of The Conversation Project.

The ADA @ 25

The very first post on this blog celebrated the Americans with…

Flu Shot Fever

Flu shot season runs exactly the same yearly course as flu season,…

ICS and Family Caregivers, Working Together

November is national caregivers month but family members are on the front lines of caring all year round. See what happened when one family caregiver joined forces with an ICS care manager to get the help our member needed!