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Medicare’s Homecare Benefit: What You Need to Know

Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea that Medicare covers long-term home care services. I was under the impression that, at most, Medicare covered a few hours of homecare for a few days after someone comes home from a hospital stay. I was wrong about that and I’m not alone. I’ve read dozens […]

Deregulating Nursing Homes Leaves Patients at Risk

One of the last places anyone wants to find themselves is in a nursing home, but for many people who need long-term care services that are not available to them at home, or those who need to recover after a hospital stay, there is often no other choice. About 1.3 million Americans live in these […]

How the tax bill will hurt older Americans and people with disabilities

This past spring and summer saw a massive outpouring of opposition to repealing the Affordable Care Act. Together, millions of Americans, hundreds of consumer groups, and the entire healthcare industry stopped Congress in its tracks, sending Obamacare repeal down to defeat – not once, but twice. As I wrote in August, people with disabilities played […]

The ADA is at Risk

For the past 27 years, Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has given people with disabilities the legal right to gain access to “public accommodations,” – places that are generally open to the public.  As a result, hard-fought lawsuits filed under Title III have opened vast areas of community life to millions […]

Dementia & Family Finance

A just-completed study carried out by the New York City Department for the Aging with help from community based organizations, including ICS, outlines some of the physical and emotional problems that afflict many family caregivers. These include depression, anxiety, stress, exhaustion, and higher rates of health problems like heart disease and obesity. “Caregiving can contribute […]

Homeless & Disabled in New York City

A settlement just reached in Butler v. The City of New York should make shelter services for homeless New Yorkers with disabilities more accessible over time. The settlement, which will take effect in mid-November, arose from a lawsuit against New York City’s Department of Homeless Services (DHS). The plaintiffs are a number of New Yorkers […]

Police officers and older adults: Criminalizing Aging?

I recently learned that over a decade when arrests by police were generally falling, arrests of people over the age of 65 were moving in the opposite direction; they actually rose by 28 percent. What’s behind this surprising trend? The main factors seems to be insufficient training of law enforcement personnel, coupled with insufficient services […]

People with Disabilities Save Medicaid

Two days ago an opinion piece in The New York Times celebrated “The Americans who Saved Healthcare,” including citizens who attended town halls, community organizers, healthcare experts and elected officials. David Leonhardt’s feel-good piece captured a moment worth celebrating and as someone who has been deeply engaged in this battle, I enjoyed it. Still, I […]

Lawsuits Challenge Inaccessible NYC Subways

It won’t surprise any New Yorker who uses a wheelchair or who doesn’t have the ability to climb mountains of stairs, but two recently filed lawsuits made it official: New York has the least accessible subway system in the nation. We’ve all heard that, when it comes to accessibility, comparing New York’s subways with other […]

Have a Loved One with Dementia? CaringKind is All Around You.

At ICS we think a lot about the family members of the people we serve. We know that caring for a loved one with a disability or chronic health condition is no easy task. This is especially true for family members caring for loved ones with dementia, who may not be able to make decisions […]

Taking Medication Wisely

A recent article bemoans how many people harm their own health by neglecting to take medicine their doctor has prescribed, while another article outlines the risks of taking too many pills. Confused? Don’t be – both things are true. Taking the medication you are prescribed is very important and so is understanding whether you need […]

Food & Love = Health

When a special diet is needed, God’s Love We Deliver is there. ICS provider God’s Love We Deliver (GLWD) cooks and delivers meals that are tailored to an individual’s medical needs. While most ICS members do not need meal deliveries, for those who do, this service can be a real blessing. For more than 30 […]

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s? Support is just a phone call away!

In reviewing our blog recently, I was struck by how much we’ve written for family caregivers. We’ve offered advice for protecting elderly family members from fire, financial scams, falls, and malnutrition. We’ve shared information about the rights that family caregivers, who frequently provide hands-on care and too often face discrimination because of their caregiver responsibilities, […]

Family on the Front Lines

More and more, family caregivers are taking on medical roles. If I had a nickel for every article about family caregivers published in the last five years I’d be a wealthy woman – or at least have enough money to send my kids to college without worrying about the cost. Literally millions of articles, interviews […]

Access to NYC Agencies

Improving access to New York City agencies, services for New Yorkers with disabilities. In April we told you about a group of new laws aimed at improving access to New York City agencies and services for New Yorkers with disabilities. One of these, Local Law 27, requires every City agency to have a disability service […]

Family Caregivers: from Crisis to Confidence

ICS joined Caregivers Outreach Ministry Empowerment (C.O.M.E.) this past Saturday at the organization’s tenth annual Caregivers Award Luncheon. C.O.M.E. is the brainchild of Diane Cooper, pictured here, who has spent the last decade working to “transform the role of family caregivers from one of crisis to one of knowledge, confidence and authority.” The Ministry brings […]

Patients Under Observation Face Costly Medicare Trap

Last month, my colleague Chris Pierson wrote about why it’s essential to have an advocate on hand when you enter a health care institution. His post focused on how often patients are harmed by preventable treatment mistakes in hospitals, rehab centers, skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes. There is another kind of danger that patients and […]