Entries by Loreen Loonie, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

​Palliative Care = Comfort

When an ICS member has a serious condition that cannot be cured and the person is suffering in some way, palliative care allows us to focus on what matters most to the member.  That’s why ICS is proud to announce a new partnership with the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), a program of Mt. Sinai […]

Policing & Mental Health

If you watch enough police procedurals, you are familiar with the idea of an “EDP,” an emotionally disturbed person.  Like many things on TV, at the end of the hour the interaction between police officers and the “EDP” often wraps up neatly with the police officer and the person with a mental illness both returning […]

In Loving Memory of Our Friend and Colleague, Terry Moakley

It is with great sadness that we observe the passing of Board Member Terence Moakley, a tireless advocate for people with disabilities, cherished colleague, and great friend to many of us here at ICS. We share in the gratitude of so many for Terry’s life and work, and with them mourn his untimely passing.

The Power of Presence

This article is the third in our Caregiving Series looking at the challenges caregivers face, where they find support, and the advice and guidance they have for other caregivers. (Read the previous articles Caregiving—Challenges for the “Sandwich Generation” and Confessions of a Committed Caregiver) Recently my husband attended a “10-13 party” for one of his […]

Mastering the Art of Leaning In

In her recent very powerful blog “At Nonprofits, Women of Color Need to Lean In Too,” our Chief Operating Officer, Regina Estela, talked about the widely read Sheryl Sandberg book Lean In. The book discusses barriers and obstacles that women often face to becoming top leaders. In her blog, Regina shared some statistics about women […]

Is the Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program for You?

It goes by many names—Concepts, Consumer Direction, CDPAP, CDPAS—but whatever you call it, the innovative Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program ensures that a lot of people with disabilities who receive Medicaid can remain in the community, living healthy independent lives. Like traditional homecare programs, CDPAP assures that those enrolled in the program, including ICS members, have […]

Confessions of a Committed Caregiver

This article is the second in our Caregiving Series looking at the challenges family caregivers face, where they find support, and the advice and guidance they have for other caregivers. (Click Caregiving—Challenges for the “Sandwich Generation” to read our previous blog) In 1997, Carmen Gonzalez began to notice that something was wrong with her mother.  […]

It is National Nurses Week!

It is National Nurses week! We salute our ICS Staff Nurses and all nurses.  ICS currently employs 54 nurses working in a variety of roles in the organization including leadership, training, administration, wound care, assessments, quality and compliance.  Each nurse plays a role in making sure our members remain healthy and active in the community. […]

Access-A-Ride Improvements Make Customers’ Lives Better!

This month I got the latest edition of the Access-a-Ride (AAR) newsletter, On the Move, and was thrilled to see so much happening to improve the service. While I know many people call Access- A-Ride, “Stress-A-Ride”, I think it is important to acknowledge the hardworking people at Access-A-Ride and the absolute amazing amount of work […]

Dolls in Wheelchairs: Empowering or Patronizing?

My 8-year-old daughter, Gracie, was very excited to get a wheelchair for Christmas. No, this is not a story about a young girl with a disability finally overcoming political, bureaucratic or financial hardships to get a wheelchair. The wheelchair was for her American Girl Doll. The mission of American Girl, according to their website, is […]

Why Should You Have to be American to Have Equality?

If you are a person with a disability or a disability rights advocate, you may have recently been contacted about the United States Senate considering ratifying the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). CRDP is an international statement of human rights that protects people with disabilities from discrimination. Click here to read […]

Accessible Dispatch: New Yorkers Rollin’ On Out

After a long, hot summer debating New York City’s responsibility to provide accessible taxicabs, the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky recently launched a solution to temporarily improve transportation options for—and relations with—the community of people with disabilities: an accessible taxi dispatch system. With only 233 of NYC’s 13,000+ cabs wheelchair accessible, the new […]

Come One, Come All – Accessify New York!

So you’re heading out for a night on the town. You need a bar that has standing tables because one of your friends has a tailbone injury and can’t sit for very long. At the restaurant, you need an accessible entrance, room to navigate to your table, a bathroom large enough for you, your chair, […]