Entries by Jessica Melore, Director, Internal Communications

At 103 ICS Member Jane Packes enjoys her family and her freedom!

At ICS, we help keep our members thriving – even at 103! Jane Packes, a member at ICS for six years, recently celebrated another spin around the sun. We spoke with her daughter Louise Napolitano to hear about the many milestones Jane has seen in her life and how ICS helps her keep a good […]

People with MS and Spinal Cord Injuries Mentor Peers

A new ICS Mentoring Program is training people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to mentor other people living with these conditions. “I want to give people access to resources in the community that I didn’t have,” said Hilda, an ICS member who attended ICS’s first peer mentorship training program this month. […]

FDNY EMT Recruits ICS!

ICS helps FDNY’s EMT Division learn how to transport wheelchairs in an emergency. For some people, having their wheelchair left behind in an emergency is tantamount to having part of their body left behind. A stressful situation like calling 911 becomes even more stressful because people with disabilities are often forced to leave a device […]

New Regulations Aim to Improve Quality of Nursing Home Care

If you or a loved one faces the need for nursing home care, there are many factors to consider. There’s an emotional adjustment that may come with less independence. There are financial considerations, depending on what your health plan will cover. And then there’s quality of care – not just the quality of the medical […]