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Independence Radio: Rosemary Salopek: Depression and Disability

What is behavioral health and how does it differ from mental health? Are people with disabilities more prone to depression than others are? What effect does depression have on the physical health of people with disabilities? These are just a few of the questions Independence Radio host Stephanie Wallace explores with ICS Director of Behavioral […]


Why Self-Advocacy? What’s at Stake For Consumers with Disabilities

My name is Daniel Winchester and I am a resident of Manhattan, in New York City. I was born prematurely with cerebral palsy in 1952, which affects me in multiple ways: I have profound hearing loss to near deafness, a complete lack of coordination of upper limbs, and a mild speech dysfunction. To date, I […]


ICS Members on Activism

It has been almost one year since the Civics League for Disability Rights was born. On the eve of last year’s general election, ICS members and others interested in discussing issues important to the disability community gathered at ICS’s Brooklyn office for their first monthly meeting to share and learn about how to be effective […]


Independence Radio: Nettie Harper: Living with Dementia

In the latest episode of ICS Independence Radio, host Stephanie Wallace talks with Nettie Harper, director of ICS’s Dementia Program, about how to live with dementia, whether you are a person diagnosed with the condition or are that person’s caregiver or aide. You can listen to the episode here. For most people, dementia is a […]


ICS Rehab Engineer Bob Paradiso: Creative Assistive Tech

People with disabilities benefit from creative, inexpensive solutions to everyday needs. ICS Rehab Engineer Bob Paradiso is a wizard with electronics. He can make hard-to-open refrigerator doors pop open with the push of a button, shades and medical beds go up and down with simple voice commands, and wheelchairs stop and start with the movement […]


Independence Radio: Marilyn Saviola and the Fight for Independence

“It never felt right that I shouldn’t be able to live in the community,” Marilyn Saviola, Senior VP for Advocacy and the Women’s Health Access Project, tells host Stephanie Wallace in a new episode of Independence Radio. “If I wanted to have a life, if I wanted to do things, I would have to fight […]


Young Women With Disabilities Flaunt Their Fashions!

Have you heard of the acclaimed Sundance Channel TV Program Push Girls? The series chronicles the lives of several young women with physical disabilities living, working and loving life in Los Angeles. This Saturday, August 10, a group of New York City’s very own Push Girls—young, dynamic, beautiful, community-minded women with disabilities—will host their first […]