Whether you’re 18 or 98, a senior adult or a person with a disability or chronic condition, we know how precious your independence is to you.  We know what a challenge maintaining independence can be. And we know the support you need.


When you join ICS, you have that support—home care, health care, and social services.  You have a Care System.  You become a valued member of the ICS community.  And you don’t have to go it alone.


Independence Care System is dedicated to supporting adults with physical disabilities and chronic conditions to live at home and participate fully in community life.


ICS operates a nonprofit Medicaid managed long-term care plan serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens.  


ICS Women’s Health Program Grows

September 18, 2014


ICS’s Health Access Program for Women with Physical Disabilities is poised to break down more barriers to health care for greatly underserved women. A $300,000 grant just awarded by the Ira W. De Camp Foundation will enable ICS to replicate the program in three sites around the City, over two years. Read More

Me? A Go-Bag? Really? Yes!

September 11, 2014


It’s National Preparedness Month and as Superstorm Sandy showed us, we need to be ready to help ourselves in an emergency. It’s human nature not to want to spend time putting together something we hope we’ll never need, but consider what it might be like to have to quickly leave your home without knowing when you might be able to return. Read more

Komen Celebrates ICS’s Women’s Health Program

September 9, 2014


ICS is proud to help women with disabilities access health care services and we were thrilled to have our work recognized in Saturday’s “Komen for the Cure” special on CBS2! In case you missed it, you can watch the entire program online at the CBS2 website (scroll down to Part 2 to watch the segment on ICS).

New Law Aids Low-Income Renters

September 4, 2014


On August 14, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into local law a measure to bring the Disability Rent Increase Exemption in line with a change in the upper limit on the Senior Citizens Rent Increase Exemption. Both DRIE and SCRIE are designed to protect some low-income renters from most rent increases by freezing their rent at one-third of their household income. Read More

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