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Our Care System is: Responsive

What’s important to you and your family is important to us
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Our Care System is: Coordinated

We work with you to get the health care and social services you need
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Our Care System is: Respectful

A culture of listening and understanding, where you feel you belong
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Our Care System is: Flexible

When your life changes, so do our services
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Whether you’re 18 or 98, a senior adult or a person with a disability or chronic condition, we know how precious your independence is to you.  We know what a challenge maintaining independence can be. And we know the support you need.


When you join ICS, you have that support—home care, health care, and social services.  You have a Care System.  You become a valued member of the ICS community.  And you don’t have to go it alone.


Independence Care System is dedicated to supporting adults with physical disabilities and chronic conditions to live at home and participate fully in community life.


ICS operates a nonprofit Medicaid managed long-term care plan serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens.  


Making Accessibility Stick: Assessing the ADA at 24

July 25, 2014


In the twenty-fourth summer since the American with Disabilities Act was signed into law, central California is experiencing a rash of lawsuits against small businesses for being inaccessible. Read More

Scams Against Seniors – A Growing Enterprise

July 17, 2014


For criminal justice agencies and social service providers, financial scamming falls under the umbrella of elder abuse. Considering our rapidly aging population, the National Justice Institute (NIJ) warns, abuse of the elderly is a poorly understood but growing danger. Read More

Keeping Older Family Members Safe from Fire

July 10, 2014

While house fires have been trending downward in the United States over the past decade, senior adults continue to be at high risk. When it comes to ensuring that seniors remain safe, family members and other caregivers are on the front lines in communicating and implementing prevention strategies. Read More

Self-employment: One Path to Independence

July 3, 2014


Starting a business is no easy feat, but it’s a path that many people with disabilities have found worth pursuing. The federal government has a range of resources for entrepreneurs with disabilities, including answers to frequently asked questions and advice regarding common hurdles that new business owners face. Read More

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